Buyers Agent Mt Pleasant SC: Multiple Offer Situation (Pt 3)

Buyers Agent Mt Pleasant SC: Tips For Winning A Multiple Offer Situation

In today’s post, I wrap up my series on options you have if you get into a multiple offer situation. So far in my previous posts (here and here) I showed some things you can do to improve your offer and create the most attractive offer that will increase your chances of winning the favor of the seller, and ultimately winning the house.

Of course, you never know just what exactly the sellers will go for, but with all of the information I have provided, you can put forward your best offer and increase your odds of getting the house you really want.

5) Home Warranty: If you have asked the seller to provide a home warranty, then perhaps you should remove this request. A home warranty is a good thing to have in place, and only costs between $400-$500. This is a small cost to sacrifice if it means you get the house you really want. This alone may not be enough to sway a seller’s decision one way or the other, but it can be a small factor.

One thing you should not do is waive your right to perform a home inspection. You always want to have a home inspected to ensure there are no major issues–just because you can’t see anything wrong doesn’t mean that there can’t be something wrong. I doubt that waiving a home inspection would influence a seller to pick your offer over others, at least as the main reason.

6) The Little Things:  you can look at some other small things that won’t make or break the deal on their own, but could sweeten and strengthen your offer. For instance, are you asking the sellers to leave you the nice refrigerator in the kitchen? Are you asking them to leave the washer and dryer?

The beautiful window treatments? Things like this can help strengthen your offer by leaving them out. It might mean that you have to bring along your old fridge, washer and dryer, or even have to buy new ones. But that is a small price to pay to get the “perfect” house.

If you want to get creative, you can offer to pay the full years hoa and/or taxes, reimbursing the seller at closing. There are several creative ideas such as this that alone won’t win the house for you, but added to a strong offer can make your offer stand out above the rest. Between your loan officer and your buyers agent Mt Pleasant SC, there are many creative little things that may sweeten your offer, help make it stand out above the others and ultimately get you the house.

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