Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC: Stats

Homes In Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC: Sold and Pending


Today I am looking at stats from the Charleston MLS for Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC. First, let’s look at the closed sales for September. There were 8 closings, down from 12 in August. August was the peak month for sales so far in 2014.

Looking at Pending Sales, there were 11 homes in Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC that went under contract, down from 14 in August. April is the peak month so far in 2014, with 19 homes going under contract.

The average sales price dropped slightly from August, down to $524,066 from $534,251. June was the high month, with average sales price of $565,562. Price Per Square Foot dipped slightly, to $188/sq ft. In August, it was $189/sq ft. The peak so far was June, at $198/sq ft.

Homes In Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC: Numbers For Sellers

Average Days On the Market (DOM) is up slightly, but still a very low 5 DOM for September. In August, that was 0 DOM, a low that has happened three times this year–February, May and August. Months Supply of inventory is down also, to 2.3 months in September. In August, it was 2.6 months. In April, that number hit the 2014 low at 1.9 months.

There are currently 26 homes for sale in Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC. That number peaked at 31 in July and was at 28 for sale in August. While the numbers are down, the demand is still there. Another reason to explain the down numbers is that Carolina Park was very hot the last couple years.

Originally started many years ago, the declining real estate market and troubles with permits kept the neighborhood from getting started. It was an almost forgotten neighborhood, but once building started, homes sold at a very rapid pace.

Homes In Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC: Data May Not Be Complete

So, this slow down looks to be a more normalizing of the market for homes in Carolina Park Mt Pleasant SC. In fact, December of last year saw the most sold homes, with 27. And the numbers are likely skewed since they are coming from the Charleston MLS.

New builders don’t always list their new homes on the MLS, so not all transactions show up on the MLS. Carolina Park continues to be one of the most and most desirable neighborhoods in Mt Pleasant.

With the supply of inventory at a low 2.3 months, values should rise. By looking at the average price graph you can see that although there was a slight dip in September, they are still above last year.

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