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Wonder if the Port O Potty Conveys?

Bad And Funny Charleston MLS


I recently recalled a bad photo I had seen on the Charleston MLS. I decided to search the net and see what else came up, and there are lots of MLS photos from around the world out there for all the wrong reasons.

In this day and age, photos are extremely important for a listing for so many different reasons.

First, they help sell a home. Over 90% of today’s home buyers use the internet for their search, so the listing photos are often the first impression a house makes on them.

Whether surfing home buyer websites or looking through listings sent to them by an agent, the photos agents upload to the MLS are usually the first look buyers have at a house.

Bad Photos Happen–But How Do They End Up On The Charleston MLS?

Common mistakes agents make are blurry, out of focus pictures, bad angles, capturing themselves or the homeowner in a picture, or the dreaded thumb-in-the-picture. But besides technical errors, another common mistake agents make is simply not uploading enough pictures to the MLS.

Some agents will still only upload a couple pictures as opposed to dozen or two. These photos are picked up by the majority of home buyer sites, so whatever photos are attached to an MLS listing are what the internet will see.

You would think that all agents would understand that and realize just how important having a lot of good quality photos is for selling a home. Plus, with cell phones having very good quality cameras built in, it would seem a no-brainer that all agents would do an at least acceptable job on the photos.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Too often agents upload photos that show pets, messy and cluttered homes, or best of all–the front view of the home taken from the agent’s car (and it is obvious because you can see the door frame in the picture).

But besides errors in technical ability and/or judgement, looking over the pictures on the net show some downright horrifying and funny pictures. Here are a few I liked:


charleston mls    Either this is a horse farm, or Mr. Ed’s listing. Either way, I don’t think the horse should be in the house, or the picture (unless he comes with the house?).


charleston mls



This is a classic error–a home should be in “show perfect” condition when listed. A house should never look this lived in, and this photo should NEVER have made the MLS. Does this picture make you want to live here?





charleston mls   Another mistake agents make. Save the fancy lenses, they turn buyers off because buyers do not get an accurate idea of what the room’s dimensions really are. Of course, this is an extreme example of this, but proves the point. Nice try, though.


charleston mls Here is a common mistake, and there really isn’t an excuse. Bad picture? That happens. But to upload this to your local MLS? Really?? If you look really closely, you can see Big Foot.






charleston mls

And finally, this internet classic. This one has made the rounds for years. If you aren’t sure why, then be sure to check out the view.

  There are many more bad, horrifying and funny MLS photos on the net, just do a simple search and you will be entertained.

I am going to keep a look out for bad/funny/horrifying pics from the Charleston MLS, and may post some more down the road.

   A special thanks to one particular site I enjoyed and got these photos from: HookedOnHouses.Net


Funny Charleston MLS Photos: Not A Laughing Matter To Home Sellers

I hope you enjoyed laughing with me. But MLS photos are a serious issue in today’s market.

So, if you know of anyone looking to sell their home in the greater Charleston SC area, make sure to let me know.

Making sure to upload quality photos, and LOTS of them to the Charleston MLS is just one thing I do to get a home sold. Find out more on my website.

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