Charleston SC Homes: Zillow Not The Best Resource

Using Zillow For Charleston SC Homes



If you are looking to buy or sell Charleston SC homes, then chances are you will look to the internet. One common resource for home buyers and sellers online is Zillow. It can be a great resource, however, you need to be aware of two common problems with the site: the home values and outdated listings.

charleston sc homes Too many times have I received a call from someone asking about a particular home they saw on Zillow. But when I look it up, I find that the home isn’t currently listed for sale. Often, it sold months or even years ago.

Another Zillow issue is the “Zestimate” tool they have for giving a homes value. Unfortunately, this value is often off. Zillow uses the best information available to them for formulating this estimate–usually tax records. However, they do not have access to the best, most reliable tool available–the Charleston MLS.



Zillow Zestimate Not Accurate For Charleston SC Homes Values

In fact, Zillow even states on their website that their estimates are not accurate. For Charleston SC homes, Zillow states that their Zestimate is 10% or more off for 63.6% of the homes. For Berkeley County it is off by 61.4% and Dorchester it is 53.2% off. So, Zillow can be good to get a general, ball park estimate for your home’s value, but the best, most accurate resource is a Charleston SC Realtor.

A Better Resource For Sellers Of Charleston SC Homes


Fortunately for buyers and sellers of Charleston SC homes, there are some great local resources. I have a site set up that sellers can visit to find their homes value– You can get an instant home value estimate, which is basically a Zillow Zestimate tool. Like I said before, this can give you a ball park idea of your home’s value and is perfect for someone who just wants a quick check.

charleston sc homes
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But, you can also sign up and receive a free, comprehensive report of home values in your city and neighborhood. You will see currently listed homes, as well as sold Charleston SC homes, and the overall trend of the market. This comprehensive report will give you a more accurate home value. The only better way to get your home’s value would be to pay for an appraisal, but this report is free.

Home buyers and sellers can also check out my main website,, for helpful articles, videos, and free home guides. It can truly be a one stop shop for all your Charleston SC real estate needs.


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