Choosing A Realtor Summerville SC

VIDEO LAUNCH: Choosing A Realtor Summerville SC


Here’s my latest video about choosing a realtor Summerville SC. Whether you are looking for a buyers agent or list agent Summerville SC, it is important to choose the right realtor to ensure you get the best deal possible and you have an agent that will work hard to protect your best interests.

It is especially important for first time home buyers to choose wisely. Not all agents are patient enough to work with first time buyers. They need someone that will answer their questions and educate them about the home buying process so they know what to expect. The home buying process can be intimidating enough, so the right agent can help make the process a lot easier and stress free.

This video is a humorous look at some things too many agents are guilty of–not returning phone calls or emails, as well as other things that leave clients unhappy in their experiences with real estate agents. These are small things, but things I avoid doing, and things that separate me from the “typical” agent. Remember, this is all tongue-in-cheek, even though it does hit home for some agents out there.

Enjoy the video, and leave me some feedback in the comments. Make sure to “like” it, and share it with friends on social media–I have no problem if this video goes viral :).

As always, if you know of anyone in the process of choosing a realtor Summerville SC to buy a home or list a home, or anywhere else  in the greater Charleston SC real estate market, make sure to get them in contact with me.

Call me direct at 706-490-0055 or have them visit my website at

In the meantime, here is my latest video for Choosing A Realtor Summerville SC.

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