FSBO Tips Charleston SC: Should You Sell Your Home FSBO? (Pt 3)

FSBO Tips Charleston SC: Getting Your Home Sold

In my last couple of posts I’ve looked into the primary reason people choose to sell FSBO (For Sale By Owner): saving money. In today’s post I look into the marketing aspect of getting a home sold, as well as the other reason people choose to sell FSBO: dislike/distrust of real estate agents. fsbo tips charleston sc

Newspaper ads are nearly obsolete and can’t be considered a serious marketing strategy. Statistics show that buyers find the house they purchase online (43% of buyers), yard signs (9% of buyers) and newspaper ads (only 1% of buyers). So, if your marketing strategy is a yard sign and a newspaper ad, then you will only be seen by 10% of the total market.


Now, as far as disliking and/or distrusting agents, that can certainly be a legitimate gripe. However, if you are reluctant to hire an agent and simply are considering it because you feel it is a “necessary evil”, then it probably is a result of dealings with past agents. There are certainly some agents out there that can be considered “bad apples”, but that isn’t all agents.

The key is choosing the right agent. You need an agent that possesses knowledge and experience You need an agent that has a solid marketing plan that focuses on the internet. But more importantly, you need an agent that will treat you with respect. An agent that genuinely cares about you, and treats you like a human, like a friend. You need to make sure that your agent doesn’t male you feel as though you are nothing more than a transaction. Believe it or not, there are agents like that out there.

Just don’t be scared to talk to them. You can get a good feel for an agent by sitting down with them. Interview them and make sure that what they are saying isn’t a sales pitch. If you don’t get a good feel for them, then move on to the next one. It’s as easy as that. Selling your home is too important of a transaction to short change yourself. Put it in the right hands, and you will get what every seller wants–a quick sale for top dollar.

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