FSBO Tips Mt Pleasant SC: Why A Realtor Will Help Me Sell FSBO

FSBO Tips Mt Pleasant SC

Hey everybody, here is the follow up to the video I posted yesterday, as well as my latest video. This better explains why I am willing to help Charleston SC FSBOs. Selling your home yourself can be more difficult than listing with an agent, but it isn’t impossible.

That is why I offer FSBO tips Mt Pleasant SC–knowing some of the pitfalls of selling FSBO can help you avoid them. It also lets sellers know that the process can be tricky, so they might be better of with an agent. If they decide to move forward selling FSBO, then at least they can know what to expect. 

So, if the seller wants to avoid using an agent, why might they be willing to use FSBO tips from an agent? Well, for one, as I mentioned, there is a lot of knowledge of the process a realtor can share. So what is the catch? There really is no catch, but a way for us to help each other. I offer to list their house on my website which will expose them to more buyers in the marketplace.

No matter how many buyers express interest in the house, only one will buy it. However, all of those other buyers are looking for a house, so I can help them. Also, if the buyer of the FSBO house doesn’t have an agent, I can help them with the purchase. This creates a true win win situation–the FSBO finds their buyer and hopefully I can find a buyer or two as clients.

Some agents approach FSBOs and try to pressure them into listing. So needless to say, they are vary wary of talking to agents. But my FSBO tips Mt Pleasant SC aren’t offered as a trick to get them to list. Statistics say that most FSBOs will wind up listing with an agent.

So, chances are, if I have provided helpful information with no pressure to list, if they at some point decide to list, I feel I will have a good shot at the listing. Too many agents operate in a cut-throat manor, but that is not how I approach things. You can reach out and try to help others, and usually good things will happen for you. It’s my approach in life and definitely business.

You can see the video on my other site, www.holycityfsbo.com.

Anyway, here is the video. Be sure to check it out and LIKE it. Thanks!

FSBO Tips Mt Pleasant SC: Why A Realtor Is Helping Me Sell FSBO





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