MLS Charleston SC: Searching Made Easier

MLS Charleston SC: Finding The Perfect Home

If you are searching homes for sale in Charleston, then you have probably come across the MLS Charleston SC.

mls charleston sc


The MLS (or Multiple Listing Service) is the portal where all real estate companies and their agents upload their listings of homes for sale.

This is the best resource for finding all of the homes available for sale in Charleston. However, searching the internet can still lead to frustration.

mls charleston sc

There are literally tens and hundreds of thousands of websites you could search. ( A quick Google search for “Charleston SC Real Estate” shows 9,980,000 results).

Not all sites are created equal. Many sites will not include complete information–especially important bits of information like the price or address.

It is also way too common for sites to not have updated information. You might find the perfect home, only to find that it sold 2 months ago.

This has happened to me plenty of times (too many times really). Someone will call me about a property, so I pull up the MLS to find the property. But it doesn’t come up.

mls charleston sc

After more searching I find that the property sold already.

Or, clients will call wanting to see some homes they found online.

Only problem is, the homes are already under contract.

Many sites will take listings from the MLS Charleston SC. However, that listing will remain Active on their site until the home is changed on the MLS to Sold.

In the meantime, that home can go under contract (Contingent), then through the closing process and be ready to close (Pending) before finally being updated as Sold.

Oh yeah, not all agents or offices will update a listing as Sold right away–could be a couple days, sometimes weeks.

In the meantime, that house is still showing across the web as being Active.

It seems some of the most popular sites, like the one that starts with Z or the one that starts with T (not to name names but they rhyme with Willow and Brulia) are the worst at this.

Another frustrating thing about home searching on the internet is the fact that it can be time consuming.

You may visit dozens of sites, but which site you saw which house on. Sure, you could bookmark the sites or look back at your browser history, but how much fun is that?

You would think in this internet age that shopping online for your new home would be easier.

Statistics show that over 92% of buyers are on the internet. So there has to be a better way, right?

Well, there is. Let the internet come to you. Or, more specifically, let the Charleston MLS come to you.

MLS Charleston SC: Have The Homes Come To You

Buyers in the market can sign up at my website for a free list of homes. And not just any homes, but homes that match your criteria.

You no longer have to sort through thousands of listings of homes that are not in the area of town you want to buy in, or of homes that are not in your price range.

Instead, these homes are emailed to you.

These are actual listings from the  Charleston MLS so they will include complete details such as price and address.

There are also pictures, and Google Maps to help you see where exactly the house is located.

Best of all, this list is updated constantly so you will see the latest and best listings before other buyers even know they are on the market.

Homes are selling faster than they have in years, and competition for homes is fierce.

You need every advantage you can in this market, and this list gives you the jump on other buyers.

You will also find buyer guides you can download, helpful home buying articles and videos.

And if you still want to search the MLS, you can do that to (I can even set up your own portal direct to the Charleston MLS).

Stop wasting time on the internet and get connected directly to the MLS Charleston SC by visiting my Pam Marshall Realtor website.

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