Mount Pleasant South Carolina List Agent

Mount Pleasant South Carolina List Agent

If you are thinking of selling your home, it is important to choose the right Mount Pleasant South Carolina list agent. Any agent can list your home, but you need an agent that will get your home sold. Here is a quick look at some things an agent must do to ensure you have hired the right agent.

Does Your Mount Pleasant SC List Agent Know The Market?

mount pleasant south carolina list agent

When interviewing an agent, you want to make sure that agent has an understanding of what is happening in the Mt Pleasant SC real estate market. They must understand where the market has been, and what the current trend is in the market. Are sales trending up, down, or holding steady? What is the average Days On The Market? They must also understand what the numbers are in your specific neighborhood.

If your agent doesn’t know this basic information, how can you expect them to know how to properly price your home so that you get top dollar and get sold quicker?

What Marketing Plan Does Your Mount Pleasant South Carolina List Agent Have?

mount pleasant south carolina list agent For too many agent, they still rely on the “4 P’s” Marketing Plan: Put a sign in the yard, Put the listing on the MLS, Place the listing on some websites and then Pray that it sells. This isn’t enough!

While it is true that it is likely that another agent will actually sell the home, your agent still must get the listing out there to be found by buyers.

There are many tools available to agents in today’s market, but unfortunately, many agents do not take advantage of them. The internet is a great resource, but simply putting the listing on a few sites isn’t enough. mount pleasant south carolina list agent

An agent should saturate the internet with your listing, getting it in as many places on the net as possible. This is known as Web Visibility–the more places online that your listing is found, the easier it is to get it in front of as many potential home buyers as possible.

But even that isn’t enough. How do you capture and retain buyer’s interest in your listing? Pictures are very important. Buyers want pictures, and lots of them.

If your agent only uploads a couple pictures, then you decrease the chances of a sale. The quality of the pictures is also important.

Video is another key aspect. Buyers love virtual tours and are looking for them. If an online listing doesn’t have one, they will pass over it to one that does. A listing with a virtual tour will get clicked on 40% more often than one that does not.

It is also important that your agent knows how to target home buyers. Where are they searching? What search terms are they using? It is unlikely that someone looking for a home in Mt Pleasant SC will simply type in your home’s address. In order to get in front of the buyers, you must use the right search terms and market to them so that your listing comes up in front of them.

When talking to an agent, ask them what they do for marketing. Chances are, they will only have generic answers. Ask them what they do to market to buyers–after all, that is what you are looking for. If they do not have an internet focused marketing strategy to attract buyers, how will they be able to get your home sold?

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