New Homes Charleston SC: Do You Need A Realtor To Buy A New Home Charleston SC?

New Homes Charleston SC: Do You Need A Realtor To Buy A New Home Charleston SC?

new homes charleston sc
If you are searching for new homes Charleston SC, you may be wondering do you need a realtor to buy a new home Charleston SC? When you first visit the sales office of a new home builder, there will be sales agents to answer your questions, go over floor plans and pricing, and tell you more about the community.

They can even help you write up a contract to purchase your new home when the time comes. Seems pretty easy, so you probably don’t need to worry about using your own realtor, right?

New Homes Charleston SC: Who’s Representing You?

Actually, you might want to think twice before trying to buy a new home without your own agent, especially if this will be the first house you buy. The onsite sales agents work for the builder, which means that they are looking out for the best interests of the builder. If you have your own agent representing you, then you can be assured that all of the important details are covered and that you get the best deal possible.

You are entitled to have your own Realtor represent you when purchasing new homes Charleston SC. It doesn’t cost you anything either. Do not let a builder tell you that you will pay more using an agent–that is not true. Another thing that is important for you to know is that you do not have to use their preferred lender. Many times builders will offer incentives, such as paying a portion of your closing costs, if you use their lender.

new homes charleston sc

However, you are entitled to shop around to find the best mortgage. Closing costs are always negotiable, whether you use their lender or not. They may say that you have to use their lender to get closing cost money, and sometimes that is the case. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t ask them to cover all of your closing costs as opposed to just a portion. Having your own agent might make this easier to accomplish.

Your own agent will also help you through the process to ensure that deadlines are met, and inspections are performed. Your agent can recommend things that you probably wouldn’t have thought of. Such as performing a home inspection. Many buyers of new homes Charleston SC may think that a home inspection isn’t necessary because the home is brand new. However, think of it as insurance. Sometimes the builder may miss something, or worse, install something that isn’t up to code—a third party home inspector can catch these mistakes.

If nothing else, the home inspection will show items the builder already knows about. This will give you peace of mind that any issues have been covered, so you can move in worry free.

New Homes Charleston SC: Don’t Make The Process Any More Stressful Than It Has To Be!

One other way that having your own agent can help you is dealing with the process. Your agent will stay on top of things and be in constant contact with the necessary people to ensure everything is moving along like it should. If any snags come up, your agent can explain it to you, and also take care of getting past the snag as quickly and easily as possible.

If anything comes up between contract and closing (and it almost always does), your agent will know how to handle it since this is something they deal with almost every day. If you try to buy a home on your own, you may quickly feel disconnected from the process. You may receive periodic updates on the closing, but chances are you won’t fully be “in the loop”. And if you hit some speed bumps along the way, you won’t know how to handle them or who to call.

new homes charleston sc
There is no need to make the home buying process any more difficult than it can be. Having your own Realtor to represent you will make the process better, get you the best deal, and ensure that your best interests are protected throughout the process. Since the services of a Realtor are free to all home buyers, why would you not have your own Realtor represent you?

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