New Homes In Goose Creek SC

New Homes In Goose Creek SC: The Stats

As part of my ongoing series looking at sales of new construction homes in Charleston SC, today I am looking at the numbers for new homes in Goose Creek SC. new homes in goose creek sc

In an earlier post I looked at the real estate market nationally to show that the number of sales have been increasing since the housing bubble burst. The numbers for Charleston certainly reflect that, with some areas doing better than the national average.

Looking at Goose Creek, the numbers are also on the rise. In 2012 there were 625 sales overall. The number of new homes in Goose Creek SC sold were 145. For 2013, Goose Creek saw overall sales increase to 704. Of that number, 83 homes were brand new construction homes.

For 2014 year-to-date, there have been 465 sales overall. 48 of those have been new homes. Projecting the numbers out for the rest of the year, the totals could end up being 733 sold overall with 76 of those being new homes.

new homes in goose creek sc Although sales have increased, the percentage of sales that are new homes in Goose Creek SC has decreased. In 2012 they made up 23% of overall sales. So far into 2014 that number is at 10% and projects to still be at 10% come end of the year.

One big contributing factor is simply inventory. A quick search of the Charleston SC MLS shows that there are currently 255 homes available for sale in Goose Creek. Of those, only 12 are new homes. Based on that information, it appears the final numbers for sales of new homes in Goose Creek SC will fall short of the projections. We should also see a drop in the current percentage of 10%.


new homes in goose creek sc

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