New Homes In Summerville SC

New Homes In Summerville SC: The Numbers

Today I am looking at sales stats for Summerville SC, specifically looking at the number of new homes sold. This includes single family homes, townhomes and condos. I broke the numbers down to the last three years for overall sales and the number of new construction homes sold. new homes in summerville sc

For 2012, there were 1,993 homes sold in Summerville. Of that number there were 661 new homes in Summerville SC sold.

For 2013, there were 2,383 homes sold. Of that number there were 668 new homes sold.

So far in 2014, 1,678 homes have been sold, with 474 of those being new homes in Summerville SC. I used the sold data to project the number of homes sold for the year, and based on those numbers it looks like we could see 2,664 homes sold overall, and 744 of them being new homes.

I also checked to see what percentage of overall sales were the new homes. For new homes in summerville sc 2012, new homes made up 33% of all homes sales in Summerville. For last year that number dropped to 28%.  Currently for 2014 we are at 28%, and based on my projections for the rest of the year, should end up at 28%.

I think part of the explanation for the slight drop in the percentage of new homes in Summerville SC sold over the last couple years is simply due to the overall sales numbers increasing.

Summerville is a great place to call home. If you are thinking of buying or selling, or are searching for new homes in Summerville SC, then bee sure to check out my website and see why I am the right agent for the job!


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