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If you are searching for homes for sale in Charleston SC, then you will need a Realtor Charleston SC to help you. Today I am going to share some good news from the current real estate market. Overall, sales have been good in 2014. realtor charleston sc

Maybe not up to the level that some predicted, but they are doing well nevertheless. The graph below tells the story of the current real estate market. Overall, sales are up over last year for every price range except for homes below $100,000.

That is very significant for two reasons. First, it reflects the fact home values are on the increase. But more importantly, it shows that the number of distressed sales (short sales and foreclosures) is on the decline.

Whereas in previous years distressed sales made up a larger percentage of home sales, the inventory of distressed properties is declining.

That you can see in the next graph. This is yet another good sign for the market.

Realtor Charleston SC: Getting A Mortgage Not As Hard As You Might Think

If you are searching for a Realtor Charleston SC and getting serious about buying a home, now is a very good time to buy. There is more market data to support this decision. First, some may still be on the fence about buying, not sure if they can actually do it.

realtor charleston sc The good news is the mortgage lending industry has loosened up their lending guidelines. You do not need perfect credit to buy.

If there are some issues on your credit, then a good lender will work with you to get your credit in the best possible shape, so that you will qualify for a mortgage and be able to take advantage of the low current mortgage interest rates.

But it is important that you choose the right Realtor Charleston SC to work with.

Realtor Charleston SC: Owning A Home Is Cheaper Than Renting

Another important thing to realize is that paying a mortgage is cheaper than renting. With a mortgage, you are investing in yourself, building equity. Whether you rent or own, either way you are paying someone’s mortgage. It might as well go into your pocket.

Plus, rent increases over time, but your mortgage payment will stay the same. In many cases your mortgage payment will be cheaper than what you pay in rent. In time, that will remain the case. Just look at the next graph to see the difference between renting and owning. realtor charleston sc

This really hammers home the point, and shows that owning a house is attainable. In fact, you are better off owning–it’s renting that you can’t actually afford.

It appears that the younger generation understands this. In the next graph, Millennials and Generation Z were surveyed, and overwhelmingly they understand that home ownership is a priority, and an important goal to aspire for.

Right now is a very good time for real estate both nationally and here in Charleston SC. If you want to own a home, it can happen. You don’t need perfect credit, and you do not need anything more than 3.5%-5% for a down payment.

It’s important that you do your research and learn the facts. It is realtor charleston sc equally important that you choose the right Realtor Charleston SC to work with. One that specializes in working with first time buyers, and one that will listen to their clients and truly look out for their best interests.

Realtor Charleston SC: Choosing The Right Realtor Charleston SC Important

If you are looking for the best Realtor Charleston SC, then bee sure to check out my website. I have helpful articles, I can send you home listings that match your criteria, I can help you get pre-approved for a mortgage, and you can check out my helpful home buying videos.

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