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Sell Your House Fast In Charleston SC

If you want to sell your house fast in Charleston SC, it is important that you price it right from the start and market it effectively. It is important that you hire the right agent, it really makes a difference.

Last week I listed a town house in Grand Oaks Plantation, and 3 days and multiple offers later, the home is under contract.

Here is a quick look at the Average Days On The Market (DOM) for town homes in Grand Oaks Plantation:

That number has been on the upswing, up to 141 DOM in February. This is why pricing your home right, from the start, is so important.

You do not want to guess where the market is at–your agent should know the numbers and recommend the best price according to the market. Failure to do this will lead you to a long and frustrating listing that will net you less money.

You do not want to “test the market” to see if someone will offer you an inflated price. This backfires on sellers and simply does not work–it does more harm to you. What ends up happening to you is known as “chasing the market”.

sell your house fast This is when a listing is overpriced. The problem for sellers is they are priced above where their market really is.

The buyers that will actually buy your home will not even know it exists–it will be price above their price range.

You also lose out on the buyers that are in higher price range. Your home will not compare to homes in that range, so these buyers will look elsewhere.

After spending weeks and months without much or any activity, eventually you will lower your price to get back into the range of your target buyers.

However, by then it is too late. You will have what is known as a stale listing. Homes that have been on the market for months typically sell at below market prices.

Of course, when you are in an appreciating market such as Charleston, you can price your home slightly above the market and it probably won’t have too much of a negative impact. Probably.

However, the best strategy to sell your home fast in Charleston SC is an old tried and true real estate strategy: pricing your home slightly under market.

What happens is this attracts a lot of interest. The more interest the better–it can lead to multiple offers which will drive the price up, and gives you options.

You can then choose which offer is the best for you. For instance, while the offers may be close in price offered, perhaps one of the buyers is offering¬† clean contract–no contingencies.

It is important to remember that the most critical time for a listing is the first few weeks you are on the market. This is when the most activity occurs. Generating a lot of interest at first is important–miss this and you will then be chasing the market and selling for less.

sell your house fast The second critical aspect to sell your house fast in Charleston SC is marketing.

You can probably guess that the majority of home buyers are on the internet.

In fact, the latest statistic from the National Association of Realtors shows that 92% of home buyers are on the internet.

It is important that your agent has a marketing plan. And not any plan, but an internet focused plan. Your agent needs to get your home blasted all over the internet so buyers will find it.

It is also important that your agent has marketing to target buyers–after all, this is who will buy your home.

sell your house fast If your agent doesn’t understand things like Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, and Syndication, then chances are they do not fully comprehend how to get a home sold in today’s digital marketplace.



sell your house fast Over 70% of home buyers are looking for real estate videos, especially neighborhood and virtual tours. Despite this, only 2% of agents use video in their marketing.

Listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings that do not, and buyers will spend 3 times as long on the virtual tour listings.

Additionally, listings with virtual tours get 403% more inquiries than listings that do not.

sell your house fast

Not only are buyers looking for virtual tours, so are sellers.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 73% of home sellers said they wanted to list with an agent that used virtual tours.

Despite these facts, only 3% of real estate agents use virtual tours in their marketing.


sell your house fast Is video really that important? Simply put, it is.

Every day internet users watch 3,000,000,000 hours of video. That’s a BILLION hours, EVERY DAY.

You Tube gets 1 billion visitors every month and they watch over 40 billion hours of videos.

Keep in mind that a billion seconds ago it was 1960.


sell your home fast You Tube is important for many reasons. First, video is increasing in popularity on the internet.

Plus, You Tube is owned by Google, so getting found on You Tube leads to getting found in other places by Google.

While you are probably aware that Google is the world’s most popular search engine, you may not know that the second most popular search engine is You Tube.

sell your house fast

Syndication means getting something blasted across the internet to several different websites.

This increases your web visibility, or your digital footprint.

For example, when you list your house, your agent will upload it to the Charleston MLS and probably put it on their website as well as the company website.

That’s 3 places for it to be found. However, when you syndicate that listing to several other websites, specifically buyer targeted real estate sites such as and Zillow, your home can be found in several additional places.

sell your house fast

This makes it more likely to pop up when a buyer is searching for homes.

By syndicating my listings to over 300 different sites, I make it more likely my listings will show up in the search results.

But syndication is important for virtual tours as well. Just putting a virtual tour on the MLS isn’t enough. Many sites will pick up the MLS feed, but won’t upload the virtual tour.

That is why I syndicate my virtual tours to over 30 video sharing sites. This gets the video in more places–hundreds more, making it easier for buyers to find it. I also get my videos onto the first page of both Google and You Tube.

In the screenshot below you can see an example of this–the same video ranks in 6 spots of Google page 1. Another one of my videos is also showing up, which means that of the 10 organic spots on the first page of Google, I have 7 of them!

sell your house fast

Also note the keyword I am ranking for (Buying Agent Charleston SC). This is what I mean by buyer targeted marketing. This is a search term that buyers use when searching for real estate.

Buyers are not likely to simply type in your address. Buyers are searching for homes, not a specific home. If they Google your home’s address, then they already know about your home. But, they have to find your home first and realize it is for sale.

If you are thinking of buying or selling in Grand Oaks Plantation, bee sure to visit my Pam Marshall Realtor website.

If you want to sell your house fast in Charleston SC then visit my Pam Marshall Realtor seller’s page, and also check out my video page.

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