Realtor Charleston SC: Common Complaints About Realtors

Realtor Charleston SC: Most Common Complaint About


Something I did recently turned up some entertaining information. I searched the net for common complaints about realtors, and this is something you should do if you are searching for a Realtor Charleston SC.

realtor charleston sc Pretty much the most common complaint about realtors is that they never return phone calls. Too many agents it seems have problems with basic communication.

In this technological age of internet/email and cell phones, you would think that this wouldn’t be an issue. However, I can tell you from my perspective it seems as though there are too many agents that are bad about returning calls/emails.


Realtor Charleston SC: Not Answering The Phone Not Always Agents Fault

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“Just Another Day At The Office”

Certainly there are some possible explanations. There can be some crazy days in this business when you feel more like a fireman–putting out fires. On days like this you can be playing phone tag or calling back and forth between your client, the lender, the attorney and the other agent as well.


Or, the agent you are calling could be with clients at that moment, whether doing a listing presentation or showing houses.

A professional agent will usually not answer the phone in these situations because the client they are with deserves their undivided attention.

However, most consumers don’t have a problem with this. But, if 24 hours pass and you still haven’t heard anything, then that is difficult, if not impossible, to excuse.

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Not All Agents Are Good At The Emails

One interesting thing I found is when you Google “Real estate agents don’t return phone calls” 

There is a combination of horror stories, venting and anger. It really is eye opening to see just how common this is.

It is also embarrassing for the agents out there working hard that actually return calls and emails—it truly is a case of a few bad apples making the rest look bad.


Realtor Charleston SC: A Funny Look At Bad Agents


In response to the most common complaints about agents, I made a little tongue in cheek video poking fun at the bad agents out there, showing that I work hard to be more than the “typical” agent.

You can watch the video here. If you need a Realtor Charleston SC then bee sure to visit my website–you will find an agent that answers her phone, returns calls and emails!

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