Homes For Sale Charleston SC: How Much Money Do I Need To Buy A Home?

Money Needed To Buy Homes For Sale Charleston SC

Here is my latest video. Freddie Mac recently released a report that showed many would be buyers have a great misconception about how much money they would need for their down payment. Many buyers mistakenly believe that they need at least 15% down, when in reality they only need as little as 3.5%. Military buyers are still eligible for VA loans which they can get with no money down.

In addition to the down payment, it is a good idea for home buyers searching for homes for sale Charleston SC to save up plenty of money for many reasons. They will need to have money for the earnest money deposit, as well as the home inspection and appraisal. Saving up enough money isn’t enough though.

It is a good idea for all buyers, especially first time buyers, to have money saved up after the purchase so that they aren’t moving in “house poor”. Home ownership comes with responsibilities–if the ac goes out, you don’t call the landlord because you are the landlord.

So, I put this video together for buyers of homes for sale Charleston SC, especially first time buyers. It explains that you do not need 10% or 20% or more for down payment, and outlines what costs you can expect when buying a home. Working with the right agent is also very important, and fortunately I know a great agent!

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